Andromeda is the up-to-date modality for the modern-day Healer.

Take the best, most authentic, ancient healing practices and combine them with the latest in quantum and atomic-age scientific principles and you have :

Andromeda Healing!


What is Andromeda?

A Smart way of Healing for the Modern World!

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How can it help me?

Andromeda can help heal any aches and pains, postural misalignment and emotional upset

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Can I learn this?

Andromeda healing is so simple, anyone can learn it, anyone can do it!

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No Practitioner/Instructor in your area?

Although our Head Office in in Yorkshire we are willing to arrange training in all areas of the country - and even abroad!  Our Instructors have experience of working in France, Greece, Portugal and Cyprus as well as various UK locations.

Get together a group of friends, provide a suitable venue, and we will come to you… and you will also receive a discount on your own training fee for facilitating the workshop.

Ready to find out more?

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