Any aches and pains, wherever they are and whatever the cause

Bad posture: Hips, shoulders, spine can all be realigned, sometimes in minutes!

Emotional imbalances: Anxiety, depression, any emotional ache, can be brought back into balance

It is an interactive experience.  You, the recipient, play an active part in the healing, in effect taking ownership of the healing process, which opens you up to a higher level of energy and speeds up the healing more than you ever thought possible.

This is not something which is being “done to you” but something you are helping to happen and something you can take home with you after the healing session

No one else should be in charge of our energy, our bodies, or our wellness.

Self-healing is about taking charge of our own existence, and taking our rightful places as the driving force behind our health and wellbeing”. James Redfield – Celestine Vision

Other good points:

It is a healing treatment given fully dressed

It can be done anywhere, anytime without equipment or treatment rooms

It only takes a few minutes to be effective

It continues to work, and get better, long after the healing session

It is a joy to receive – you often feel deeply relaxed during and after the session

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