Andromeda Healing is an up-to-date healing modality designed for the modern-day Practitioner.

Imagine taking the best and most authentic ancient healing practices and energies and combining these with the latest in quantum and atomic-age physics principles


Andromeda Healing does this and brings energy healing roaring into the 21st century !!


The Result:  The quickest, simplest and most convenient method of restoring the body back to its “normal” or “default” setting

It sometimes works so fast in realigning the body and relieving pain that the brain cannot comprehend that the change has taken place, until the body takes a sigh of relief!

Clarke's Third Law: 

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

— Arthur C. Clarke     :    In Profiles of the Future: An Enquiry into the Limits of the Possible (1982),

A lot of health problems arise from a general lowering of our energy.  Andromeda works by creating an extremely high energy field.  This corrects the imbalance, accelerating the health process.

So many traditional healing techniques teach that the practitioner should play a passive role, stepping aside and allowing the energy to flow through them.  That they are simply a vessel, a channel for the energy.  That they are in effect “used” by the energy in order to make a connection with the recipient.

This no longer has to be the case!

With Andromeda Healing you take a positive, active, role in the healing process and have so much more interaction with your client than you find with other energy healing modalities.


Other highlights:

Uses relaxed hands and body; absolutely no force is needed

Works on the sub-atomic level (the quantum field)

Allows us to run energy hands-on or at a distance, across space and time

Use seamlessly with other healing techniques and as a stand-alone modality

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